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How Do I Become Famous on WordPress?

In today’s modern world, the internet has become an essential part of everyone’s life, and that has created many unique opportunities to earn money.

Fortunately, you are in the right place at the right time. You may be a student or an employee or still trying hard to a get a job. Despite the situation you are in, you can still make a livelihood using the internet but under certain conditions.

Before discussing this topic, we would like to make you believe that we are knowledgeable enough to teach you everything about online jobs.

Therefore, we enlist here the details of our online earnings to help you believe that we are not bluffing.

Generally, we feel uncomfortable to share data of our earnings, but we are going to prove that anybody can make money using online jobs.

Before we jump into the article.

•    What we are going to discuss is not an easy-to-do data entry or typing job that you might have come across in almost every tutorial.  Of course, typing is involved to some extent, but that doesn’t mean typing is enough.

•    We are not going to ask you for money, not even a penny for sharing our knowledge. You might be wondering why we do this for free. Its because we make money using advertisements placed on our websites and also from referring products (affiliate income), we will discuss it in later sections.

•    There are thousands of fake money making tutorials out there on the Internet. Don’t believe anything without proper researching. There are hundreds of people on the internet who ask money for teaching bunch of worthless things. Please don’t go behind all those scammers. There are only a few people whom we can trust. We guarantee that this guide is something unique and worth your time. We will not leave you hanging until you make your first paycheck. 

•    We are going to see both ways of with and without investment to make money online. Don’t retreat yourself if you don’t have enough money. Money investments reduce the time taken to earn whereas zero investments take additional time to make your first paycheck. 

•    If you are someone who is looking to skyrocket your income with no time and effort, then we are sorry to tell you that this article is not written for you. Please do not waste your precious time here.

•    It is almost impossible to explain how to make your first paycheck on each of the 100 ways in one article. So join our email community to read the respective article once it is published. We will cover each way one by one depending upon the priority and the number of users subscribed.

•    This article is insanely long to read. But if you read it completely, then you may become another online entrepreneur. 

But what’s wrong with learning things that we aren’t going to do? It will help you in your life at one stage for sure. Go through the entire article if your time permits.

Go ahead only if you have enough patience, dedication and time.

Let’s see the ways to make money online without further delay.

What are your key investments?

Major investments need to be about money all the time. Time is the major source of investment we are going to put in here.
Secondly, you will have to invest from zero to a little amount of money as your investment.

How much time are you willing to invest?

If you are still a student, you have a fair amount of time for investment.

If you are someone's employee, you still have a moderate amount of time to invest. Don’t quit your job before you make your first, say $100 or any threshold you may deem to be good enough.

If you are a businessman, you are probably spending all of your time to ensure that the business succeeds. Therefore, you will invest part of your time to improve your business online.

If you are unemployed or a homemaker, you are the fittest candidate to start online jobs among all the above since you have a great amount of time to invest.

You can also check  Ways Of Making Money 

How much money should you invest?


If you may be having some few hundred dollars, don’t hesitate to invest with it. But you should first know well about the investment before you start making it, that is when it becomes a wise investment.

Most of the following ways will require some amount of money as an investment and few other ways don’t require any money investment at all. So you should not retreat if you don’t have any money. You can still make online money using the free resources we share here. All you need is dedication and patience.

Your investment will include (but not just limited to this list)

Web hosting
Web hosting domain 
Marketing tools 
Other appropriate services 

Job or self-employment?

You need to decide whether you are going to take up a job or you want to be self-employed. 

Here a job does not mean the regular 8 to 5 office job; it means an independent online job.

Online job and self-employment look similar, but they are different.

If somebody gives you a topic and asks you to write an article about it, then that is a job, and you will get your payment from it. If you are going to write an article for your website, then that is self-employment.

There are a variety of ways of making money online, from both taking up a job online and being self-employed. Both have their pros and cons. You decide what suits you well. But I would recommend that you choose self-employment because you will never regret that decision later in life. You will learn then remove the “l” and earn though it may take some time.


Pros of working online 

Less time is needed to earn your first income
Zero to low risk
Zero to low investment

Cons of working online 

There is a limit on how much you can earn
Active income

Pros of being self-employed

No limit on how much you can earn
Passive income
Zero to moderate investment

Cons of being self-employed 

Takes time
Moderate risk

Ways you can make money online being self-employed 

#1 Blogging 

It will not be fair if we do not begin our list with blogging because it has given us the freedom in our work life that we always needed. It is a perfect way to start your passive income.

Blogging has become very competitive, and all those who are looking to choose it as their profession are afraid to venture into it, but that is not the case. We find that 90 of 100 bloggers fail because they either give up so soon or they proceed in the wrong direction. You don’t need to be afraid though if you follow some strategies we are going to share here.

The biggest challenge to blogging is finding traffic and monetizing. Few bloggers are good at driving traffic to their, and few are good at monetizing it, but to be a successful blogger you need to excel at both.

The earning potential varies based on the choice of monetization technique and the niche or industry chosen.

You can learn about blogging in our existing articles and our future ones by subscribing to our blogging newsletter. Also, we will launch soon a blogging course to help you get extra information, case studies ( these will not be shared on our blog) and personal consultation. It is not a paid course, neither is it free as well.

Whenever we give a course for free, people take it for granted. Therefore we shall be conducting a registration process through which we shall use it to select a limited number of people based on their application. We will then notify our email subscribers once the course is live.

There are a lot of blogging platforms that are available online, but we would like to highlight a few major ones.

#1.1    WordPress

Investment $120 to $200

Revenue potential is high

The time that is required to earn your first income is 6 to 10 months

Monetization is by Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and direct advertising.

Wordpress is the widely used open source blogging platform. The biggest advantage of WordPress over Blogspot is flexibility. You can do whatever you want on it. You can create your plugin or theme that can match your requirements.

But you have to deal with setting up the domain and other technical staff like hosting. It is not rocket science; you can do it yourself with the help of step by step guides. Major investments are a domain, hosting, ads and marketing tools.

Joining our blogging newsletter to know how to make money through blogging.

#1.2    Blogspot 

Investment needed is $0 to $100

Revenue potential is medium

The time required is 9 to 12 months

Monetization is by Google Adsense, affiliate, and direct advertising.

Blogspot is one of the most underestimated ways that you can use to make money online. It is the best and easy way to start your blogging journey.

You get free Blogspot subdomain, free hosting, and free CMS. This is the best free blogging service that is powered by Google. All you need is a google account and you are done.

Once you have your blog set up, you should drive traffic and monetize the content. I have written a detailed a-z guide on how to setup and run a successful blog on Blogspot.

There are a few limitations in using blogger; therefore if you decide to take blogging as a full-time profession, blogger is not the final answer for you. Hence it is better to choose WordPress if you are ready to invest $100 initially. Otherwise, start with blogger and migrate to WordPress once you start earning serious money.

#1.3    Medium 

The investment required is $0 to $100

The revenue potential is low since it is still in beta

The time that is required to start earning is 10 to 12 months

Monetization is by affiliate marketing and medium claps revenue

Medium is another powerful social platform for bloggers to use for connecting writers and readers. It is attracting a lot of users who read a lot of content regularly. Therefore you can relax the pain of driving traffic to your articles when you use a medium. But you should have compelling content to get users attention. Creating a medium blog is very simple just like creating a Google account.

The medium does not enable third-party advertising platforms like AdSense or They only allow Affiliate marketing as the only easy way to earn money, but again you should have some great content written to get a consistent source of income for your site.

I think direct advertising is against their policies. There is no proper data that can show on how much they pay based on Medium claps (Like button of Medium).

However, trying this platform along with Blogspot or WordPress will be a  wise idea.

You can also check proven ways to make money blogging.

#2 Vlogging 

This the second most commonly used technique of earning money online next to blogging.

You might have seen many YouTubers making millions of dollars by vlogging.

Vlogging is a lot more competitive than blogging though since you need a camera. Sometimes you don’t need a camera but a laptop with good editing software.

There are two misconceptions about vlogging that we should address.

1 People think that vlogging is too easy or too hard to start. We have seen both categories, it is not too easy, and it is not too hard either. It has become very competitive, but that does not mean that every blogger is successful. One must work hard to be a successful blogger.

2    Earning money I vlogging is easy. Not at all. The biggest platform in vlogging is by using youtube, the conventional way to earn from youtube is by advertising through AdSense. If your channel has an excellent reputation and drives some traffic, your Adsense will be as good. Otherwise, you will have a hard time.

You need to build your reputation on youtube only then you can earn right amount of money with Adsense. Every new vlogger will have a hard time starting their vlog earning money through AdSense.

Earning potential in vlogging is very less for newbies. You get almost nothing when you start. It is recommended to use affiliate marketing as a part of monetization process like amazon etc.

Let us see some important platforms to start a Video Blog. Subscribe to our newsletter to know more.

# 2.1 YouTube 

The investment needed is $0 to $600, 

Revenue potential is medium to high

The time required to start earning your first income is 10 to 12 months.monetization could be through affiliate marketing and direct advertising.

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms on the internet. Creating a video can be very simple nowadays but driving people to see your video is the hardest part of the process.

You should create some exciting and excellent content that will help in keeping your traffic to reach more people on YouTube.

One of the most significant advantages of using YouTube over other money making platforms is “Organic Reach,” that works even for a newcomer who has just started off. If you have a great video, then you are likely to get user’s attention without spending money on marketing.

People often confuse youtube subscribers with the number of views one video can get. This is similar to Facebook likes and post reach. Each video you upload to your Youtube channel doesn’t necessarily reach all your subscribers at the same time; your video can reach people who haven’t subscribed to your channel.

This is because the algorithm of YouTube feed is based on the user’s interest. If I happen to like your videos and watch it very often, then the next time you post a video it will be suggested in my feed and also to those who share similar interests like me. Likewise, there are hundreds of other factors and signals that may influence organic reach.

That is why more people can be reached through viral content on YouTube because it is easier than blogging. As we have said earlier, each new youtube has to overcome initial hurdles in the process of making money online. Affiliate marketing is the best source of income you can ever get through YouTube, but you need targeted traffic.

Subscribe to our newsletter to get more information on vlogging and how you can earn your first paycheck.

#2.2 Facebook 

Investment needed is $0 to $600

Revenue potential is medium to high

The time required to earn your first income is 10 to 12 months

Monetization is by affiliate marketing, facebook audience network, but still in beta, and direct advertising.

Facebook is one of the biggest social networks that rivals with YouTube. They are constantly working to improve their video sharing platform.

YouTube gets around 40% of its total referral traffic from Facebook users. Promoting YouTube videos through Facebook is a good option. But uploading the video directly to Facebook gives you a better reach for the videos.

Additionally, Facebook’s news feed algorithm gives more importance to videos than YouTube links.

Facebook’s audience network is compared to YouTube’s Adsense to monetize the videos, but the platform is still in beta and is limited to only a few of the publishers in the US. We can expect fully-fledged audience network ads for videos soon.

#2.3 Dailymotion 

The investment required is $0 to $600

Revenue potential is medium to high

 The time required to start earning is 10 to 12 months

Monetization could be through affiliate marketing and direct advertising

Dailymotion is a good alternative for YouTube videos. Dailymotion’s default advertising is not up to the mark though. So you should either use affiliate marketing or direct advertising to start up Vlogging. This will help you to make additional income.

You can even sell your products and promote it through Dailymotion by creating interesting videos about the product and referring your viewers to them. If you choose Dailymotion, expand your channel to Youtube or Facebook as well as to reduce the risks of failing.

A viral reach of a video differs with Dailymotion and Facebook. So it is better to create your brand on many platforms.

#2.4 Vimeo 

Investment needed is $0 to $600 

Revenue potential is medium

The time required to start earning your first income is 10 to 12 months

Monetization is through affiliate marketing and direct advertising.

Vimeo is also a good alternative to put your videos compared to YouTube. There is no robust ads monetization method on Vimeo thus you need to use Affiliate marketing. Use Vimeo as the last option to choose as your blogging platform.

#3 Bug Bounty

The investment required is $0 to $100

Revenue potential is medium to high

The time required is 10 to 12 months

Monetization is by rewards

One requires a lot of efforts, learning, and patience to succeed.


Bug bounties can change your life if you do it in the right way. But it is not so easy for non-techies. If you are already pursuing IT career then you can try it, it will give lots of rewards.

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Apple & Microsoft, run their bug bounty programs. Every program has its reward tiers and structures.

Another interesting factor of bug bounty programs other than reward is HOF aka Hall of fame. Every website has the hall of fame page where you find all peoples name who have reported vulnerabilities to them.

Many successful bug hunters have got placed in various MNCs due to their fame and reputation. Therefore it can even get you a permanent job hence all you need is passion.

Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more on bug bounty.

#4 Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool you can use to promote a business, but you cannot earn directly from it. Therefore you should combine other ways such that will enable you to make money on it such as Offline stores, Blogging, Sell products, etc. along with Social media to earn money online.

Join our newsletter to know more about making money using social media.

#4.1 Facebook 

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, and it makes billions of dollar each year through their advertising system. You were active on Facebook is more important to reach many people.

You can earn through Facebook using Facebook pages and groups. You should be connected to a good number of people to start making a good income; Facebook pays publishers through their audience network.

Please remember that Facebook does not pay individuals nor businesses for getting likes or shares. The only way Facebook pays a business is through Instant articles.

You can learn how to make money with facebook $500 Per Day Here.

#4.2 Whatsapp 

Whatsapp has changed conventional messaging. They recently introduced WhatsApp for Business, that means small and medium businesses can connect with their customers on WhatsApp instead of traditional SMS.

Whatsapp biz is an awesome way to keep in touch with your customers and also to get more customers for your product. You can create a marketing campaign on your website and use
WhatsApp clicks to chat feature to chat with your customers instantly. They don’t even have to save your number to text you.

However, this feature is still in beta stage.

#4.3 Instagram 

Instagram does not allow businesses on their platform, meaning that they don’t have an option to promote website links organically. Instagram ads are the only option one can use to promote websites.

You can earn money from Instagram by building your brands and creating viral content. When you build your offline or online brand in Instagram, it will help you reach your sales goal easily.

#4.4 Twitter 

Twitter allows businesses to promote through both Organic and paid reach. Advertising costs on Twitter are less when compared to Facebook ads.

The biggest advantage one can have using Twitter over Facebook is the use of hashtags. Of course, Facebookers do use hashtags, but it doesn’t work the way it does on Twitter.

Twitter’s trending algorithm helps you gain more organic followers when you publish contents that are interesting and trend worthy. This way you can reduce the marketing costs.

#4.5 Pinterest 

On Pinterest, one can create business profiles where you can create your page to get started. Like Facebook, they do have both options of organic and paid ads reach.

Images are the key if you are using Pinterest marketing. If you create great infographic images, then you are sure to get good organic reach.

Now it's your turn

I hope that you enjoyed the ways we have shared here with you and the strategies we have implemented ourselves.

Now we would like to hear from you.

Which of the techniques from this post are you more excited about?

Are you going to use the Facebook wealth formula or bug bounty?

Let us know by leaving a quick comment.


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