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Can Affiliate Marketing Make You Rich?

I have been getting loads of questions from guys who want to know what is this Amazon stuff I post, and how they can get started... So, expect a long post.

What is this Amazon stuff and how do you make money from it?

You make money by marketing products that are sold on AmazonDotCom (the biggest retail site in the world). The site has products ranging from car spare parts, garden equipment, sex toys, health supplements, DVD movies, PC games, apps, clothes.... everything.

You'll be doing what is called affiliate marketing. In return, you'll get a commission for every product that you sell.

What's the process? Do you just log into Amazon, pick a product and start marketing it? How do you market?

The best way to market Amazon products is using what we call a niche blog... That is a blog that is targeted at a specific audience who have a specific need. Health is a niche. Baseball is a niche. Car repair is a niche.

Within the niches are sub-niches and keywords. Before you start your …
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Should I Use Viglink On My Blog? Real Ways To Earn

We constantly get questions in our inbox on how to integrate Viglink on our niche sites... And we should probably do a tutorial about it.
But before we get to the tutorial, let's first get one thing clear. Should you even be using Viglink on your blog?
For the MOST part (99%?), the answer is, "No. You shouldn't use Viglink on your blog."
Independent merchants, who are the majority on Viglink have very poor conversion rates. So, if you can find a product on Amazon, We would recommend you promote it from the Amazon Associates program. You increase your chances of converting customers as well as the fact that you'll be paid for every other product they buy from Amazon.
And even when a product is not on Amazon, the second logical thing to do would be to check whether the merchant has an in-house affiliate program or affiliates with other affiliate networks (FlexOffers, ShareASale, LinkShare, MaxBounty, MarketHealth etc). The reason for this: Viglink is a third-party…

What is Article Submission in SEO?

Getting places to do free guest posts has never been easier. Over the past one week, I have been able to pen 5 guest posts all with dofollow backlink to my site. 
So how do you do it.
1. Go to places such as peopleperhour,fiver,seoclerks--all those forums where guys post their gigs for you to buy. You are not interested in buying remember, just getting places to guest post.
2. Look for gigs on guest post. You can use the search tabs to filter out this.
3. The freelance gigs on guest posts will pop up.
4. Most of the freelancers actually indicate where they will get you a guest post with a backlink at. With metrics and all that. For example someone will have written 'I will write a get you a guest post with a dofollow backlink at thriveglobal etc."
5. Visit all those forums. Most will have a register account and submit article tab. The editors might also not be very strict. 6. If you are a good writer, you will surely be able to do a great listicle or how to article that fits…

How To Deal With Google Medic Update | Complete Guide

August was a massacre...
My overall income went down by ~$10K
If you were affected by the Google Medic Update, you probably suffered the same feat, which means, if Amazon Associates is your main source of income, you'll receive a much smaller check at the end of October than you are used to... 
The problem is... How are you going to adjust, especially if you have financial obligations that demand the level of paycheck you had been used to...
Find affiliate programs in your niche that have less 'wait time' between payments. There's Moreniche that pays fortnightly, and there's Maxbounty that pays weekly. 
There are many more affiliate programs that have wait time that's less than the two months wait time for Amazon Associates.
Get products to promote from these networks and get down to work. It won't be easy, but you could find yourself balancing the equation come October.
The only downside with this approach is that there's an assumption that your…

Do Niche Sites Still Work? | Step by Step guide For Newbies

Niche sites still work and they are still relevant. even now if you build a niche site it will still go on to become successful and you will get a lot from your work. I recently started a niche site and it is doing well.

Yes, Amazon Niche sites still work & will continue to work as long as amazon stays live & has an affiliate program. But the problem is you can’t continue creating spam websites like the past and make money with the website. This fact remains the same for AdSense & Clickbank niche sites too.  If you want to start today, I have highlighted Steps newbie should follow when establishing a niche website. This will help you in making your first website.

1) Learn what a niche website is

2) Niche research…

Can I use Google Images on My blog? | Why Your Blog Needs Inforgraphics

After over five years of writing articles for clients, I have amassed a large catalogue of work. So about an year ago, I was going through the thousands of articles and was wondering, "How does one article stand out from this heap?"

Articles have been the go-to type of content on most blogs. Bloggers have to really bring out their creative juices to have an article that stands out.

But then again, how many articles do you know of that have gone viral (save for those gossip articles)? Few, right?

This is why you need new ways of lead generation. And nothing has been more successful in lead generation than INFOGRAPHICS.

 A great INFOGRAPHIC can make your site go viral as people share it across the social media sites. This translates in traffic and backlinks from respected websites. Even a major local newspaper like The Daily Nation has realized the great potential of INFOGRAPHICS.

Check out my recent INFOGRAPHIC that explains why your niche site needs one. Also remember to hi…

Can You Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate Part 2?

This post is a continuation of our Affiliate update #1 about our forum where we challenge each other on affiliate marketing tips. What challenges we have encountered in our online journey and the solutions we implemented.

This is a group intended to help people start making passive income via internet marketing. 

We shall be sharing tips and tricks that we have used to create a blog and make money from it.

Feel the challenge as you read this post, and don't forget to post your comments down below. We value your feedback.

Challenge #1
Most people here focus on SEO, but I want to offer a few insights on SMM (Social Media Marketing) While SEO requires that your content revolves around your focus niche, SMM can do well when you mix it up a bit.
Here's how...
Unlike SEO, which is mostly about doing what pleases Google or other search engines, SMM benefits from doing stuff that pleases real people (the ones who will actually buy your affiliate products).
One platform that I have experiment…